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An important part of Dr. Hamlet’s 90-Day Plan was including multiple ways for him to hear from Pittsburgh Public Schools
constituents. To support this effort, Dr. Hamlet launched a Look, Listen and Learn Tour. He visited the District’s 54 schools, two Center Schools, and met with principals, teachers, and support staff, and engaged more than 3,500 constituents. In addition, nine listening sessions were held across the city. Participants were organized in small working groups and were asked to answer three questions:

• What are assets of the District that must be sustained and preserved?
• What are areas in need of improvement as we look to the future?
• What programs or solutions do you think should be considered by the District in this process?

Four special listening opportunities were provided to the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) union membership,
principals, the faith-based community and high school students to provide their perspective. A survey was also launched to
reach more constituents. Through this process, the District received feedback from more than 2,500 individuals including
leaders of local foundations and organizations. Each of the responses captured in a listening session or online were read
and categorized, and those categories were combined into larger themes.

The top themes were then used to create a strategic planning survey which launched in mid-October 2016 and was open
for a little over 2 weeks. The survey was designed to provide an additional way for the District to prioritize the feedback from
PPS stakeholders and identify the top priority areas for improving student achievement within the District.

Over 1,000 individuals responded to the strategic planning survey.

The information received from the strategic planning survey will be shared with the public and key constituents in November.
The meetings will help Dr. Hamlet and his leadership team finalize the strategic initiatives that will be the foundation of the
District’s 5-year strategic plan. The dates of the public strategic plan feedback sessions are listed under engagement

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