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On January 10, 2016, Council of Great City Schools (CGCS) Executive Director Michael Casserly presented  findings and recommendations in a report sought out by Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Hamlet.  The CGCS report seeks to clarify and enhance understanding of why past reform efforts have done little to boost student outcomes.  The report will help guide key initiatives under way as the District - with extensive community and stakeholder input - creates its five-year strategic plan.  The CGCS is the nation's only national organization composed of 70 large urban school districts formed to assist educational leaders in improving student outcomes.

The analysis included feedback from 24 senior urban school executives, representing eight major city school districts, who were placed into four strategic support teams based on their expertise.  They interviewed approximately 170 PPS staff and community members.  Five key areas were examined: Organizational Structure and Staffing; Instructional Programming and Alignment; Budget and Business Service; Data, Research, Evaluation and Assessment; and Disciplinary Procedures and Protocols.  

Download the presentation and full report below:  




Full Report 

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