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Progress Report on The Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) Recommendations

As a part of my 90-day Plan that launched my first year as Superintendent in the summer of 2016, I engaged an independent third party through the Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) to conduct an analysis of the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) in the following areas:


  • Organizational Structure and Staffing

  • Curriculum/Instructional Programming and Alignment (including English Language Learners and the Program for Students with Exceptionalities (PSE)  

  • Budget and Business Services

  • Data, Research, Evaluation and Assessment

  • Disciplinary Procedures and Protocols


Over the course of their analysis, the CGCS team of educational experts conducted several site visits to Pittsburgh, interviewed staff, reviewed materials, practices and procedures, and examined data. At the completion of their evaluation, the CGCS issued a comprehensive report of their findings outlining a 137 recommendations. The report was reviewed by the Superintendent and released to the public in February 2017. Each recommendation was assigned an owner and a timeline for completion. As I continue my efforts to provide transparency to work of transforming PPS, I am sharing an update on our progress to date. As of August 2018, 72 out of the 137 recommendations have been completed, 46 are in process and 10 have not started. A complete breakdown of the status of each recommendation is provided below. 

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